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We work very hard to ensure that the environmental impact of our operations is responsible and transparent, and continue to look for opportunities to improve. We expect our partners, garment and textiles manufacturers, laundry and dyeing specialists to provide proof of responsible and environmentally friendly behavior. In the interests of our bona fide concern with global environmental issues we have required procedures and a politics of environmental responsibility with all of our textile and manufacturing partners which ensures a limited use of artificial and synthetic fibers, a reduced consumption of water, installation of LED T-5 and CFL, and the recycling of paper waste.

All of our factories are located in European Union and are strictly regulated. Our team visit all of our factories multiple times a year to ensure all workers perform their work in a healthy and safe environment and no illegal workers shall be employed. 



At WILLIAM LEI, we only work with the most environmental friendly and prestigious fabric mills, including Loro Piana, Holland & Sherry, Dormeuil, Monti, Albani etc. Less than 1% of our garments included synthetic fibers and our goal is to completely bring our brand to "100% Natural". We ensure all of our textile partners to share the same vision and value in terms of social responsibility.

We endeavor to support local social institutions that contribute to societal development.