We are glad to present you this pre-order selection for FW 19.

Why are we doing this?

1. We are grateful to have shown our FW 19 collection at Los Angeles Fashion Week, and many people were excited about some of the most exquisite pieces seen on the runway. We want our customers to be able to order some of the runway pieces which are normally not available in our READY-TO-WEAR collection. As we are a small company, we have be to very selective about what to produce.

2. By doing this, we wish to advocate for a sustainable fashion and textile industry. By producing only on demand, we can then minimize textile waste and not create excess pieces which may not sell as well as daily essential styles.

* All pre-order items are 10% lower than regular prices.

* 6 weeks delivery from ordering.

For any questions about sizing and options, please feel free to e-mail our designer at

Thank you for being a part of a sustainable environment.